Fundraising, Fun and Friendships

One thing which I am really enjoying at the minute, is meeting new people. Which is pretty strange as it was the one thing I’ve always avoided doing. That and going to any kind of social events. The very thought of a party coming up which I knew I would have to go to, would set off my anxiety and fill me with panic.This is no longer the case as I’ve gradually grown in confidence, and I now enjoy a good party as much as anyone.
Anyway, a few weeks ago, a new girl came along to one of our Clubbercise classes. She, along with the help of our instructor Mel, was to host an event in aid of a charity very close to her heart, Marie Curie. I love a Clubbercise charity event and have been along to all but one. I knew this one was going to be extra fun, as with it being October, it was Hallowe’en themed.
I got to know Debra more and found out her story behind why she supports and volunteers with Marie Curie. I’m not going to go into it in this blog, as it isn’t my story to tell. But I will say that Debra is an incredibly strong, inspirational young lady.
I thinks it’s fair to say the build up to the event filled us all with excitement. Sharing ideas of what we were planning to dress up as and really pushing the event on social media in hope of raising as much as possible for such an amazing cause.
Saturday arrived, and I think we all spent the day feeling eager to throw on our outfits and face paints. Yes, we are all adults but we do enjoy dressing up and exchanging ‘Have you started doing your face yet’? messages.
I arrived early to help decorate the venue with all things spooky, and really felt the buzz in the room as fellow clubbers began to arrive. There is always such an atmosphere during all classes (and this is almost a year and a half on since they began), particularly a Friday as it’s the start of the weekend, but this was magnified.
Clubbers began to rock up at the venue, and I think a few of us were a little confused as to who was who under the layers of neon paint and vibrant outfits, which were all freakishly awesome. From skeletons, to witches, to a blood covered Alice in Wonderland, and with the addition of UV lights, everybody  was glowing.
The hour kicked off with one of the Halloween tracks Mel added to the class and we’ve been dancing to over the weeks leading up. Then as further tunes played we really got into it. You could really feel such a vibe which only got better as the night went on

And the highlight for me had to be one of the best club classics and I think a popular favourite among the group of, ‘Set You Free’. It’s a real sing your heart out track and is often in Mels playlist on a Friday as she runs about the class and in this instance in her ghostly get up complete with white dance ribbon.

I must admit that I didn’t do a ‘proper’ work out, but with plans to go out with a few of the girls afterwards, I didn’t want to be a sweaty mess. Not that it has stopped me before on the previous occasions we’ve gone from class for a few sociables. But I was also obstructed with the most irritating eye mask (I was moonlighting as Catwoman), and it’s not exactly practical or my best idea to dance about with my hair down either. But I would still say I earned the few glasses of fizz we had afterwards.
Not sure about the pizzas we had before heading home, though.
The whole night was just brilliant. A huge success and not only was money raised for such a worthy cause, but it was great to feel that sense of community. People coming together, having fun and once again the reminder that I’ve met some amazing girls who I am so very grateful to have in my life. I hope they feel it too.
Header image by Stephen Waugh


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