Day 5 – C9

Today has been slightly harder. Not because I’m missing particular foods, but just because I’m bored of the shakes. I don’t mind having one at breakfast time, but at lunch time I’d really like a prawn salad now, or a wholemeal pitta with grilled chicken and salad, thats better than wanting chocolate, which I’m not missing at all. I’m not missing coffee either. I only had one cup a day to wake me up, but I don’t even feel like I would even need that now.
I have even more energy today, and my clothes are even looser. I’m actually starting to wish I had noted weight and measurements now, but I do plan to do this again later in the year, or after Christmas so I will next time. I joined weight watchers a few months after having Jessica, and stopped going when I felt comfortable in myself. I would say at the minute, i feel a bit like I did around week 4 or 5.
Aswell as the usual gel tablets, aloe, two shakes and loads of water, I’ve had a banana, some strawberries, cherries and made a lush red thai curry for tea. I stuck to the suggested weight quantities, added red peppeds, babycorn and sugar snap peas to fill me more, and had brown rice.
The meals are 600 cal meals if followed correctly. Each shake also totals around 300cals so I’m still having 1200 calories a day, plus those from the fruit and veg as snacks.
I also burned quite a few calories tonight at Clubbercise. I felt and looked slimmer in my gym stuff, had loads more energy and left feeling pretty good in myself knowing I’m not about to go home and put do some damage with a huge bar of dairy milk.
My skin looks much heathier, my hair is soft and boucy, and I’m not feeling tired at all during the day, and no longer have to drag myself out of bed in the morning.
4 days left

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