Day 7 – C9

Started the day with the usual supplements, gel and shake. Didn’t particularly enjoy the shake thismorning, it’s gradually starting to taste sweeter and sweeter as the week progresess, today it tasted really sweet. With not eating chocolate or any of my other vices, I’m really starting to taste the natural sweetness in foods.
Andrew remarked how much thinner my legs look, which is great as I’m a step closer to finally getting something like this
which I’ve wanted for ages but won’t get until I feel comfortable in myself.
We got the girls ready, and without even thinking about it I filled my water bottle, grabbed a banana and apple and put them in my bag.  Usually i would just grab a sandwich, crisps, chocolate and a fizzy drink when we’re out. I feel like my body knows the drill now, I’m not missing or craving anything and my mind has infact been reset.
Weekends are always tiring as the girls are a handful, and I don’t know any child with as much energy as Jessica. I’m usually ready to wind down about now, to watch a movie, but tirednesd wins and I’m I’m in bed half way through it. I feel full of energy and looking forward to watching something later, with a small packet of almonds rather than sweets.
For dinner tonight I’ve made chili, which I’ll have with brown rice.
Two days to go, and I’m feeling more like this is becoming my lifestyle.
Thanks all who has followed my C9 diary. I thought before I even started the detox, documenting and sharing each day, would also be a way of making sure I stuck with it

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  1. June 28, 2015 / 11:28 pm

    I’ve been following your C9 diary and sounds like you’ve done amazingly! I’ve recently joined forever as a distributor and have seen so many before and after pics and am going to do this myself! Am going to post progress pics on here. Have you thought about following on the C9 with the second stage, F.I.T? X

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