And so it begins..

Todays plan was to fit in some exercise. I would’ve liked to have done an hour at the gym, but we had a busy morning with the kids and my hubby was at the match in the afternoon, so I only managed to fit in 20 minutes on the rowing machine, my least favourite exercise.
We’ve had it for around 5 years and got it soon after I found out I was pregnant with my youngest so I had plans to row off all the post pregnancy weight. Until I realised how boring it is. But I stuck on mtv and did 20 minutes, and that’s me done till tomorrow morning.
I’ve ate well today. Three meals, making a red Thai curry rather than the lazy option of an occasional take away.
Now the festive period and New Year celebrations are over, I’ve had a little panic over how my fitness levels may have dipped over the last 3 weeks. I’m slightly worried how I’m going to do at the gym on wednesday with my PT, and I’m convinced I’m going to need to be carried out of clubbercise on thursday on a stretcher. It’s a double – two hours and I’m doing them both. My gym gear also feels a little tighter – I hate it when clothes shrink in the wash..
But I’m not so much worried as I am excited. Although I have enjoyed christmas, and loved spending time with my family, I’m aware life is about to get hectic again, but I’m ready to get back into our usual routine and more importantly, in shape.
I also picked up a Pro2Go double choc chip cookie whilst shopping today. I’m looking for something to curb my chocolate cravings – it won’t be these.

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