How's this for an exciting weekend

So it’s Tuesday morning and I’m still sat here a little bit buzzing about something I got up to at the weekend.
As anyone who knows me or reads my blogs knows, my ultimate dream is to work in media, and has been since being a teen. But once I’d finished school I lost focus slightly, and it never happened. However, it’s a dream I decided never to give up on .
My interest has up until now been writing for newspapers/magazines  but now I’m finding myself swaying more towards radio. So two weeks ago I went along to an open day at a local radio station to see if I could get involved.
So Saturday gone, I spent a couple of the hours with the team at music event Northumberland Live.  I said I would be there around 5 as I wanted to be there for the headlining act Scouting for Girls who were set to take the stage at 8. I didn’t want to be around too long, I just wanted to get to meet the team and get a feel of what working in radio is all about, but without getting in the way too much.
I arrived at the festival at around 4.30 and met up with my friend who was there with her friends and family, had a quick chat, gave her my plastic booze filled bottle for later (well it was a festival), then made my way over to the tent to meet the team. I was nervous. Very nervous. But my nerves were soon gone after a catch up with Chris who I chatted to on the open day.
I joined the others in the tent in which they were presenting and I had a really good couple of hours. I love the on air banter and quick wit amongst the team, which also scared me a little as I’m the kind of person who thinks of things I could or should’ve said in a situation, hours later. But I was told after a while, it just comes naturally.
Two of the team went to have a wander over to the stage to see if there was much going on they could report on, then excitedly returned to tell us Scouting for Girls had arrived and they were going to try and get an interview.
I felt their excitement as one thing I do love, is an interview opportunity. They are sometimes really hard to get and I’ve only managed one myself which I arranged via Twitter (it was THAT easy), but others I’ve lined up have never materialised. That’s a downside of working in media. You can spend hours doing the research and questions for an interview that you’re pretty certain you have, and quite often it never materialises. As it happens, one of the team did get to speak to the band after their performance.
I spent just over two hours with the team then went to join my friend in the crowd ready for Scouting for Girls, but left after about half an hour. I needed to go home and just kind of reflect on the day.
Sunday I went along to the studio at 5 and sat in with Joe as he was on air until 7. Once again, me being me I was very nervous but as soon as I sat down and started chatting to Joe I was fine.The studio has such a calming atmosphere with moodlights so that mixed with music and I could’ve quite happily sat there all night.
This was my second time in the studio and again, just to get a feel of the place. Joe asked if I’d like to go on air and chat a bit about Glasto, but I hadn’t really watched any of it and even if I had I’m not sure I would’ve had the confidence just yet, but I’m definitely hoping to get involved on air when I’m there next on Sunday.
But I’m not just doing this just because I want to work in media. I’m trying so hard to work on myself. I’m so done with being that quite shy person who always has so much to say but no confidence to say it. I’m fed up of holding back from what I really want to do in case something goes wrong. I’m tired of letting opportunities pass me by and saying ‘I can’t’.
This is just another step into the unknown, and I’m excited

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