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I’ve literally just discovered what Blogmas is about 5 minutes ago. So can I bang out 25 blogs in 25 days..? I’ve got a few festive things lined up over the next week, and sure I can think of more so let’s do this. I am particularly excited for Day 5, watch this space…
So it’s December 1st today and at around 10.30 last night whilst in bed, I realised I hadn’t done anything with that Elf thing I bought the girls. I’m new to Elf on the Shelf. I literally thought you just stuck it on a shelf and it acted like a Santa cam. Then last year I realised they caused mayhem by doing a whole range of naughtiness we stress to our children that they must not do. Then last night, I learnt they also come with letters for the children to encourage good behaviour. The pressure
I was going to get up and hang it off the light in the living room or something equally adventurous, but thought sod it, we’ll start on the 2nd.
Turns out it was up to mischief during the night anyway as we were woke with Emily kicking off. She’d woke up excited to open door number one on her calendar, but found somebody had already beat her to it, and eaten her chocolate. Jessica told her it was Elfie the Elf, as she saw him do it.
Obviously it was Jess. Emily cried for 20 minutes. Not even joking. Twenty. Minutes. of hysterical pleas of ‘where’s my chocolate gonnnnnnne’
On close inspections on both calendars, Jessica has about 15 chocolates left. A gal after my own heart. I replaced them 3 times last year throughout November for the girls, as I ate them all before the 1st. Yes, I ate my way through six.
Thismorning, I’ve decided my children shall always be school dinners as I spent about an hour in the kitchen cooking two sausages and knocking up Chicken¬†Tikka Pasta for Emilys school trip. Her choice since I told her biscuits and a packet of crisps is now frowned up. She went to Dance City to watch a performance of The Little Match Girl. We used to go there quite often when she was smaller. She told me on her way to school she couldn’t remember, but I wondered if she would once she was there.

Decided to take the girls to watch the Lantern Parade after school and have a look around the Christmas market.

Kids whinged until I caved and let them go on the rides and we spotted the Brownie Bar. Came home about £30 down, but two words РOreo. Brownies

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