Santas Grotto @ Kommunity

We’ve decided against a Panto this year. Panto was a tradition I always enjoyed as a child, however, I’ve realised it’s not something my kids seem to particularly enjoy. They like to be up singing and dancing preferring a more interaction and participation.
So, with that in mind, last weekend I took them along to a Santas Grotto a theatrical experience ran by Big Red and The Little Greens instead, held at Kommunity in Newcastle
I’d been told to use the phrase ‘Santa is expecting me’ upon arrival, which I prompted my two girls aged 6 and 9 to say, just to get them into the spirit of being about to embark on a festive adventure.
We were greeted by three elves, Poppy, Cookie and Merry played by Hildy Harland (the lady behind the idea, along with Kim Tate), Ashley Waugh and Catherine Muckle, who chatted to all of the children before the mini show even began, asking if they were excited for Christmas and if they thought they had what it takes to be one of Santas Elves. My youngest daughter said she couldn’t be an Elf, as she didn’t like the idea of cleaning up Reindeer poo.
Poppy, Cookie and Merry then entertained us with singing and dancing, encouraging the children to join in throughout.
Before being led on a hunt to find Santa as they entered a winter wonderland behind a big curtain, which was truly freezing cold and beautifully decorated.
The children also had an opportunity to meet Santa in his Grotto, and were also presented with a Cookie and bell to hang on the christmas tree, which my children loved.
There was a good selection of refreshments and snacks on offer from Wildflower Creative Kitchen, and my girls enjoyed a cookie.
The event lasted about an hour, and was £15 per adult, adults free. My children throughly enjoyed it, and it is definatley worth a visit if the Grotto returns next year.
You can find out more about Santas Grotto Big Red and Little Greens and watch out for future events here

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