Coffee & Chimney Cake at Carpathian Speciality

I try to keep my life as balanced as possible. I think the two things which I am known most for is my love of working out, and my love of food. I do the former, to enjoy the latter, and last week I enjoyed a coffee and a Chimney Cake with newly opened cafe ‘Carpathian Speciality’ Chef and owner, Tibor, and found out more about the popular Hungarian sweet snack.

So what is Chimney Cake?

Chimney Cake is a popular pastry specific to Central and Eastern European regions. What was once more traditionally a wedding pastry, then became a Hungarian street snack, and is now available in Whitley Bay.
A Chimney cake is essentially a donut, but rather than deep friend, the pastry is coiled around rolling-pin shaped moulds, then grilled on a rotisserie until golden, and finally dusted in sugar or other toppings, such as nuts, coconut, chocolate or sprinkles. The end result is a chimney shaped cake with a caramelised, sugary, golden-brown exterior and a soft and chewy bread like strip interior.

And how is it made?

The Chimney cakes at Carpathian Speciality are entirely fresh as they are made to order. Ready in minutes and come served with a pot of freshly made custard, the cake is eaten by unwinding and dipping into the custard, and they are just divine. I’d possibly say even nicer than a donut, and healthier being grilled rather than fried. Bonus.


Or if you’d prefer something to take away or which you can walk about with, a Doughcone may just be your thing. Once again, made using a yeast dough, it’s then rolled around a cone shaped instrument, and grilled. The cone I was kindly given was then filled with a layer of chocolate spread, then rice pudding, and topped with a whirl of cream and a maltezer.

I can’t wait to try one of these in the summer filled with ice cream. I felt less guilty for sabotaging my diet once again, upon being informed the Doughcones are only around 450 calories. Other fillings offered at Carpathian Speciality include Dark Bounty, Banoffee, Peanut Butter and Banana, Rafaello and Fruity.

Carpathian Speciality also has a wide selection of teas and freshly ground coffees which you can enjoy with your pastry or cheese or pesto scone, including Hawaiian coffee made with coconut milk, and Affagato, which is vanilla ice cream soaked in espresso.

So what’s next?

Tibor is hoping to expand his menu to include Langos – another Hungarian food speciality. |A deep fried dough with savoury and cheese topping so quite similar to a pizza. And Milkshakes, Juices and even a range of fruit soups.

The Chimney Cake was absolutely delicious, and my two girls children thoroughly enjoyed the doughcone and we will definitely be back to try with other fillings.

To find out more about Carpathian Speciality and opening hours, then check out the Facebook Page

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