Our ‘Infinity Pitch’ Morning @ The Baltic

Thismorning, me and my girls Emily (6) and Jessica (9), went along to The Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art, for Bloggers Breakfast, along with groups of other local collaborators.

Then after delicious bacon sandwiches, coffees and pastries, we got to try out the new Pester & Rossi Exhibition, ‘Infininty Pitch’ before opening to the general public.

The Exhibition is all about playing by your own rules, encouraging children to break and re-make the rules of play, and I’m all for that.

There were eight live action creative stations for the children to watch, listen and explore, . These included the ‘Pyramid Bubble’ in which the children could get crafty inside a giant inflatable, ‘Collecto Inflato Making’ an art and crafts activity, and wearable group challenge ‘Inflation Activation’.

My oldest daughter Jessica has autism and she particularly enjoyed lying inside one of the banana shaped inflatables. I think for her it was a sensory thing, and when the more busier activities felt a bit too much, it was somewhere for her to chill for a few minutes. The girls also enjoyed pretending it was a boat and pulling each other around in them.

We had a fantastic time. We had about an hour of non- stop play in ‘Infinity Pitch’ and I would definitely recommend a visit over the Easter holidays.

Infinity Pitch is one big opportunity for little ones to learn through exploration and play, as they run about The Baltics biggest gallery. And I have got probably one of the most adorable photos of my girls, which I know when they are older they will find hilarious, them in their brightly coloured inflato wear.

The exhibition is for all ages, there really is something there for everyone, adults too, and runs until 15th April.

The Baltic will also be running free artist led sessions over the three weeks, so for details of workshops and times, check out theirĀ website

Thank you so much to Rob at The Baltic, for such a lovely morning and kind hospitality.

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