Sanctuary Spa – Wet Skin Moisture Miracle

One thing I completely fail at is taking care of my skin. I feel I just don’t have time or know which brand to buy. Which is why I was keen to collaborate with Sanctuary Spa and try out their new Wet Skin Moisture Miracle which claims to ‘change the way you moisturise’.

Sanctuary Spa Wet Skin Moisture Miracle

Mornings are pretty rushed in our house and with two young children waiting for breakfast, time spent in the bathroom is kept to an absolute minimum. I’ve recently given in to washing my hair daily and stretching it out to every two or three using dry shampoo and different hairstyles in between days. Mums, you know how it is

But Wet Skin Moisturiser means I can just grab the product which is kept in the shower, and apply immediately after showering whilst still wet, and then dry as normal. The product absorbs instantly meaning there is no residue left on towels either. And the smell lasts for hours

Sanctuary have released three fragrances to chose from, White Lily and Pink Damask,  Original, and Green Lemon and Orange Blossom which I think is my favourite although I’ve always been a fan of the Original scent, having used a variety of Sanctuary Spa products in the past.

After two weeks of using Sanctuary Spa Wet Skin Moisture Miracle daily, my skin is softer, and also seems to has kept me from peeling after suffering minor sunburn during the recent heatwave, and moisturising will now be part of my daily routine.

If you’d like to try one of the Wet Skin Moisturisers why not try at the introductory price of £5 reduced from £8 available in most Boots stores and Boots Online

* This is a sponsored post but thoughts and opinions are completely my own

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