My Clean 9 diary

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve started my diet again this year, so decided I needed to something which involved a little bit more committment. You can’t get more committed than spending £120 on a detox.
For passing my exam a few weeks ago, my hubby bought me Clean 9, a product from Forever LIving. A company which manufactures and sells Aloe Vera-based drinks, nutritional suplements and cosmetics. I’ve thought about trying it out for a while, but I’m a bit wary of multi-level marketing companies. I’m pretty sure I could buy all the products needed to do a very similar detox from Holland and Barrett at a fraction of the price. But as much as I talked about it, we both knew this wasn’t going to happen. So it was a present, this way I know I can not give up or cheat, but stick to the plan or I’ll feel I’m not only letting myself, but also Andrew down.
The detox kit comes in a box, similar to a Indian meal for two at Sainsburrys, (yes I have food on my mind as a type this), only the contents are not even half as exciting or anywhere near as appetising.
Two bottles of Aloe gel, a packet of Lite Ultra Shake mix (I opted for chocolate rather than vanilla), Garcinia Plus softgels, Forever fibre, Therm tablets, a shaker and tape measure. There is also a guide-book which you follow over the 9 days, and a section in the book to be used as a daily planner.
detoxSo that’s the contents and basically my food for the next few days, although a small meal is introduced from day 3. I also just want to point out that I’m not promoting the product for anyone, and have no plans to be a distrinutor whatsoever, so I’m giving my own un-bias, impartial, honest, experience of the 9 day detox.
I’m also not doing this for a quick fit weight-loss. I’m chosing to not weigh myself, as I got rid of the scales a while ago after finding out it’s very easy to become too obsessed with weight.
I want to see how much better I feel in 9 days, how much more comfortable I feel in myself, and in my clothes. I also plan to continue with healthy eating after I’ve finished the detox. I actually do eat healthy. My meals are all freshly prepared. I just eat way too much sweet stuff inbetween meals and it’s that which I need and plan to stop doing.
So today is day 1. It’s now 8pm and I haven’t found today to be too bad to be honest.
Breakfast consisted of 2 soft gels, a therm tablet, and two capfuls of aloe gel. I’m not going to lie at all, the aloe gel is just awful. I find it smells and tastes like sweetcorn, and I don’t like sweetcorn. If I was to describe it to anyone, I would have to stop after a couple of words as I’d be gagging. It’s of a runny consistency, but it has very fine stringy bits in it. I just nipped my nose and knocked it back. Then drank water afterwards to wash away the taste.
For a snack I had one of the powder sachets mixed with water, which had no taste at all.
Lunch, 2 more gels and a tablet, more of the aloe vera, and a chocolate shake which I made up with water, which didn’t taste too bad either, but I’ll be making it with almond or rice milk tomorrow.
Dinner was two more gel tablets and another 120 mils of aloe gel, which I found harder to drink this time. I then thought that was me done for the day, till I realised I have another 120 mils of gel to look forward to at some point tonight.
I’ve also drank a lot of water, and i mean a lot. I’m going to the toilet as much as a pregnant women in her third trimester.
There is also a list of free fruit and veg which can be eaten in moderation over the whole nine days. I had a very small bowl of lettuce, cucumber and red pepper about and hour ago then three strawberries, five grapes and three cherries. Just to ease the hunger a bit.
My exercise today, which is recommended to be low intensity, was my usual walk thismorning taking and picking Emily up from pre-school, which totals around half an hour.
My only struggle today was teatime. I made too much for the kids and had to bin what wasn’t eaten, when I really really wanted it. Andrew came in from football and asked what was for tea tonight, and I said whatever he can find as I’m not cooking something I’m not going to be able to eat. That would be torture.
I’m feeling quite good in myself, a bit of a sense of achievment after only a day sticking to a plan. I’ve read that around day 3 you really start to feel more full of energy. I’m excited for that and wondering how I will feel this time next week. On the downside, I only have two words, aloe gel.


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