Clean 9 – Day 2

So day 2 is done and I didn’t expect to say I’ve found it pretty easy.
Todays plan was exactly the same as yesterdays. Only difference was I has the ‘snack’ (fiber mixed with water) at about 9 rather than nearer lunchtime as I did yesterday.
The shake I mixed with organic rice milk and it didn’t taste much different than it did with water. It’s not great, but drinkable.
I’m still knocking back the aloe gel like I’m doing a bushtucker, trial but it’s mind over matter.
I’ve had a few strawberries, cherries, a grapefruit and an apple throughout the day, which are the free foods and only foods I can have on days 1 and 2, and eaten in moderation.
The programme claims that during days 1 and 2, you will begin to purge toxins and in this time your body will reset itself and mind. I definitely feel my mind has been reset. I’ve still had all the vitamins my body needs over the last two days, just not in food form.
I do feel more energetic, but not overly. Just kind of less lethargic. I’m not craving or missing the usual chocolate, cakes, crisps, or even hungry, but I am really looking forward to a 600 cal meal tomorrow.
If these are the two hardest days, then I can do the next 7 no problem.

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