Day 5

I didn’t blog yesterday as it was pretty much the same as the day before – 20 minutes exercise and I ate well. Really enjoyed the salmon, and carrot, pepper and wholewheat vermicelli noodles I made for dinner. It’s one of my favorites but I hadn’t made it in a while. I’m going to really make a conscious effort to have more fish in my diet.
Today I woke up with more energy than I have been doing over Christmas. I’ve actually felt more energetic all day. I’ve been drinking lots of water over the last few days (I’m really bad for remembering to drink water. How can anything so simple ever be so difficult to do?!?).
I made two ingredient pancakes yesterday, those ingredients being just egg and banana. I didn’t like them, but my two girls loved them. So thismorning after a 20 minute workout (cardio), I made protein pancakes.
They’re simple to make, just 25grams rolled oats, one scoop protein powder, one banana, two eggs all thrown in a blender. I added some almond milk as I think I added too much of something and the batter was far too thick. Then fried in a pan as you would a normal pancake. Ideally they should be fried using coconut oil.
I had them with Greek yogurt, they’d be great with raspberries or strawberries. I made four small pancakes, felt full after them, and didn’t eat again till lunch time (I’m terrible for snacking between meals, but I don’t reach for healthy snacks)
I’m back at the gym tomorrow. I haven’t been for three weeks. I did plan to go over Christmas but with both me and the kids taking our turns being ill, it didn’t happen. So I’m quite excited, but also worried it’s going to kill me

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