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Today I’m feeling much more like I did before the end of last year. Before all the crisps, and the chocolate, and the cakes, and the takeaways, and the Kir Royale and Bucks Fizz (yes, I know – I live life on the edge).
Eliminating all the above and going back to a clean diet, that awful bloated feeling in my stomach has gone, my energy levels have increased, and my skin is looking so much better. I noticed I was looking colourless. And my skin was dry. I blamed it on my foundation. I was wearing the wrong colour. (Even thought I’ve been using it for about 2 months). But it’s the change of diet, reverting back to old habits, and not drinking enough water. However, whilst moisturing last night, I noticed my skin felt smoother and I have more colour in my cheeks.
So in just 6 days I’ve lost the water which was causing bloating (unfortunately the extra chub remains for now), improved my skin, and given myself a much needed energy boost. Just by cutting out fatty foods and increasing my water intake, and doing just 20 minutes of exercise a day.
Last night I had my first PT session since early December. I felt quite nervous. I was worried I’d lost all my strength with having such a long break from all exercise (4 weeks is a long time for me now considering I do 4 exercise classes a week also). I was even worried my gym gear would be very noticeably too tight. I was worried I would pass out just walking up the many flights of stairs to even get into the gym.
I had nothing to worry about. The strength hasn’t gone anywhere, and my determination was even stronger last night. As exhausting as it is, I’m there for an hour – one hour out of a whole week. It would be silly to not give it my best.
For anyone wondering what you should expect with a personal trainer, I’ll give a brief outline of what my sessions are like
The sessions are me, my husband, and PT Matthew.
The exercises are all either floor exercises, or using weights. There’s no tread mills, no exercise bikes, no cross trainers. But that doesn’t mean there’s no cardio. ¬†Just thirty seconds with the battle ropes gets your heart racing as much as any cardio exercise would.
Matthew has a plan of what exercises we’ll be doing each session. We’ll either target a particular part of the body to concentrate on ie legs, or sometimes do whole body.
Each session usually includes 6 exercises. These are either split into three and three, or three sets of two exercises.
Each set of exercises is done in reps.
So Andrew and myself may start with the leg press and do 12 reps, then move on to the other two other exercises, and rotate around the equipment, weights and sometimes reps increasing each time.
Confused? I am too. It’s pretty simple in principle, but putting it in writing is a different concept.
The hour is tiring, very tiring and challenging. But I’m finding now that my adrenaline is increasing throughout the hour, and it’s that and the encouragement and support off both my hubby and Matthew which often gets me through each set if I start to think I can’t do any more.
I don’t want to say ‘I can’t’ and I never want to refuse to do anything. I’m there to push myself so if Matthew thinks I’m capable of doing the exercise set out for me, I can do it.
Obviously Matthew is there to answer any questions, and offer advice. I’m learning more and more about nutrition and I’m taking it so much more seriously now than I was when I started back in august.
So that’s what my sessions include. Obviously each personal trainer may differ.
I should also mention the feeling I get upon leaving the gym is amazing. I have such a sense of achievement.
Thismorning I’m not aching anywhere near as much as I thought I might be. I feel like I’ve had a workout, but I like that feeling. I feel back on track now¬†and the right track back to a healthy lifestyle.
And tonight I have 2 hours of Clubbercise which I’m really looking forward to. An hour tomorrow night, and again sunday morning.
2016 is going pretty great so far

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