Making it Magical

Todays plan was to buy our Christmas tree. We had a real one last year and thought we would again this year. However, that never happened as I spotted a Juke Box, went into a serious state of excitement, and we came home with that instead. Random. However, it doesn’t work and shall be going back tomorrow and we will go for our tree one night this week.
We still spent the afternoon looking round garden centres (everyone does at Christmas, right?). The girls spotted a Santa wandering round dishing out haribos, chose an angel each for the tree, and threw a coin in a pond and made a wish

I listened as Emily said with her eyes closed ‘I wish, for a Unicorn’. I was about to tell her not to tell us her wish but say it inside her head. But at the same time I was intrigued to know her thoughts. She has a crazy imagination and is very expressive.
Jessica was next. She closed her eyes, then said ‘I wish, to go for sunday dinner’. That  wasn’t quite in our plan for today, but we had to make her wish come true.
We’re finding Jess quite difficult to deal with at the minute. For anyone reading this, who doesn’t already know, she has autism. I don’t know if it’s the excitement of the build up to Christmas, or all the lights, and music everywhere. But going out anywhere with her is proving quite difficult as she darts off in all directions. It’s challenging, more so than ususal and other people seem less understanding of her behaviour as she grows older
But then when we went for the lunch which she wished for, I sat looking at her tucking into her turkey and mash, wearing her Santa hat and all I could think is she is just perfect

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