Prosecco Jam and Inspo Baubles

Today was ran on about three hours sleep. I heard Jess up in the night and my first though was ‘those bloody stockings.’ The girls have got their stockings hung off their bunk beds, and seem to think if they put them there, they will automatically be filled with presents in the morning, regardless of the date.¬† I guessed she was up with excitement, or disappointment of an empty stocking what with it only being the 4th.
But she said she had a poorly tummy. I put her back to bed. She got up about four more times over the next three hours complaining each time of a sore tummy. I thought she must have a bug and I’d keep her off school today. Except there is no keeping Jessica off unless she is physically sick. She can’t bare to miss a day of school.
However, the first thing she told me this morning was she felt better. She’d just had in her words ‘the biggest poo of her life’. Sorry if tmi. It certainly was for me as I was stood spreading Marmite on my toast
Anyway, she seemed absolutely fine and as her taxi pulled up, she ran out the door, still wearing her santa hat, shouting ‘Ho Ho Ho’
I spent the morning in town looking for Christmas pjs for the girls and all the usual stuff that goes in Christmas Eve boxes. And I also picked up some rather funky Chrismas tree  Candy Skulls decs and Inspo quote baubles. Random, but I like to be different
And who knew you could eat Prosecco and Mojitos. And wear chocolate perfume. As yummy as it may sound the perfume wasn’t good. I sprayed loads of it on myself and really wished I hadn’t. I spent the rest of the morning walking round getting the most sickly sweet wafts, desperately trying not to gag. Although, on reflection, maybe it was room spray and not even purfume after all

Jess brought an invitation home from school. And now we’re super excited to go there Saturday morning to watch a movie together, with hot dogs and pop corn.
And tomorrow after school, we’re going on an Enchanted Adventure..

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