Why I love Halloween


The Unexplained

From being a child I’ve always had a fascination with ghosts, the idea of the afterlife, the paranormal and as I’ve grown older, all things mystical and the unexplained. I think I’ve spent most of my life living in my own little fantasy world, and I doubt I’m never likely to change. I don’t want to. Infact I wish I’d embraced it more growing up.

The lights

I love candles, fairy lights, disco lights, the moon light, especially reflecting on the sea. Illuminated ghosts and spiders and the soft glow of candle light through a pumpkin. Anything bright and sparkly, really

Being whoever you want to be

Halloween is the one time of the year I can put on a mask and be completely whoever I want to be. It’s good to release the inner freak. It’s the one time of the year we’re able to let go of our inhibitions and have a little crazy take over. And I’m all about the crazy

Nights out and Date nights

The best nights out and date nights seem to happen at Halloween. So of course I’ll be having a cocktail fuelled night out to celebrate. Not on all Hallows Eve itself course, I’ll be out with my two girls, but the Saturday before. I’m not just going out with friends but hopefully people I’ve never even met and if you’re reading this and would like to  join us then click this link to find out more.

The Make up

Convinced I missed my calling in life as a make up artist. I really enjoy getting creative and make up is my other passion. Can’t say I’d ever be good with a bridal look, but give mbe some blood and latex and I’ll work my magic as sfx would be my thing. Maybe in my next life…



I still have dead faeries handing from my wall lights from Christmas 2016. Decorations just make everything so much more interesting, happier and magical. Illuminated skulls, pumpkin candles, Claude and Cordellia (my daughter named them) I’m going all out for the whole month of October. The skeletons may even stay out, who knows.

Horror Movies

I know I can watch Horror movies all year round, but it always feels so much better throughout October and the run up to Halloween. The nights are becoming darker, and colder and perfect to cosy up on the sofa with a load of snacks. And we always go to the cinema to see whatever scary movie is out at that time. This is really the only time of the year date nights actually happen, and looking forward to ours at the Scream Factory in Redcar. We went to their My Bloody Valentine event for Valentines day (scroll down to read the blog) and we had a date night down the Victoria Tunnels in Newcastle for their Unlucky in Ouseburn Friday 13th underground tour. I’ve also been known to go and see Saw at the Cinema for a first date in the past.

Making a day of it.

I’m really pleased Halloween falls on half term this year, as it means I get to spend the whole day doing Halloween activities with my girls. I’m unsure of our plans as yet, but they’ll probably include a pumpkin trail in a park, pumpkin carving and I’ll take them out trick or treating in the nigh time. I’m lucky that the area where l live, a lot of neighbours get involved decorating outside their houses and I’ve even seen a couple with window projectors.


Halloween has really taken off over here in the last few years, and is so much bigger than when I was a child knocking on doors wearing a bin bag and plastic black claw nails. I always thought America knew how to Halloween and now it is everything I would have loved it to be as a child and I’m glad us adults still enjoy it too.

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