Freaky Facts About Me

So I thought I’d do a slightly more fun, personal and different than usual post, and divulge a few facts about me, but sticking with the theme of the month. Of course they have to be the more unusual ones, the ones you wouldn’t just casually drop into a conversation. Ones you probably wouldn’t really tell anybody. And ones I may regret when I notice people starting to distance themselves from me. But it’s all a bit of lighthearted fun

So without further ado…

I’m double jointed

Or at least my fingers are. I can push both thumbs back on each hand 90 degrees, and click my little fingers. I thought everybody could until a few people have asked me to stop as ‘it’s gross’.

I’ve dabbled with the Occult

About 15 years ago I decided after a night out on the Blu Wkds it would be a fantastic idea to do a makeshift Ouija board in my kitchen along with two friends. Obviously we were all pissed, but trust me we soon sobered up. We did it ‘for a laugh’ non of us expecting anything could happen, but I shit you not it ended with the glass circling the table at top speed before flying off and smashing on the floor. Funnily enough non of us laughed. My two friends went home (cheers), I turned on every light in my flat, slept under the duvet still dressed in my going out clothes, and went to my mums first thing in the morning and told her my flat was going up for sale. I will never ever do it again (and wouldn’t recommend it either). Especially not in your own home.

Law of attraction

I strongly believe we can attract whatever we wish to into our lives.  Tell the universe you want it, you get it. It’s not some kind of sorcery like suggesting you want a holiday and bam it’s magically booked. I’m not even talking about material things or possessions. But focus on what you want, and your brain points you on that path and does the rest. Honestly, try it.

I’m fascinated with psychology and human behaviour

Exactly that. Can’t really expand on it. The mind intrigues me. Which is probably why I over think and over analyse everything, and pretty much have anxiety.

I’ve seen a spiritualist and her predictions were true

Again, was about 15 years ago, maybe I was going through some kind of crisis or something. Anyway, a lovely little old lady told me I was going to meet someone I already knew from my past, possibly school, who worked in construction. Which brings me onto my hubby, Andrew. Who I went through both middle and high school with, and works in construction. She told me other stuff too. Like the spirit sat next to her laughing telling her to mention my sons skinny legs. I had been saying earlier to my mum I was concerned Callums legs were too skinny. So yeah, she freaked me out a bit.

And tarot

I’ve also recently had my tarot cards done for the first time, and the cards I randomly drew described current situations accurately. Slightly annoyed I paid £25 after spotting a lady on the Quayside in town at the weekend doing readings for a fiver (just assumed £25 was the going rate) but it’s something I would definitely have done again.

I gave birth to my first child on Friday 13th

And probs way too much info, but he was conceived on October 31st, too.

I’ve seen dead people (70% certain)

All three occasions were during the night so not fully convinced I wasn’t dreaming. On each occasion I ‘woke’ to glowing figures leaning over me in bed. I screamed, they vanished or I possibly woke up. Who knows.

I had an imaginary friend as a child

I know, after reading all of the above, nothing will surprise you now. Was from around the age of 3 I think, and she was called Alisha.

I’m an empath

Hate to go all hippy dippy, serious and spiritual, but I can sometimes both feel and pick up on other peoples emotions. It’s all based on energies which is why I try to avoid any negativity like the mo’fo plague. Negativity drains me

Empathy is seeing with the eyes of another, listening with the ears of another, and feeling with the heart of another”

I’m a wimp. 

An absolute wimp. I’m scared of the dark, can’t watch horrors alone, can’t deal with gore and refuse to sleep with the bedroom door closed

And last but not least and possibly the most surprising of all

My absolute favourite colour is PINK

Everyone assumes it’s black, or grey. But it’s not. I love all things bright, bold and beautifully. Particularly these gorgeous creatures.

My Nanas friend

Oh my gosh, I have to mention my Nanas friend. We’d visit her about once a month on a saturday afternoon. She was well into her spirits (not as in Vodka), and did not hesitate in telling us some dead relative had just walked in the room to join us. Or that she’d been having a conversation with a spirit friend earlier that day. I remember sitting there busting for the toilet on one visit but no fucking way was I venturing up those stairs.

I probably have more freaky facts but to be fair there’s only so much you can learn about a person before thinking fuck that, and rather not be associated with them so I’ll leave it there

But look at todays Halloween Evil Pumpkin Face

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