Scone Drops – The Sweet and Savoury Bite Sized Treat

Earlier this year, I went on a residential Boost Your Business course, where I met other entrepreneurs, wanting to gain more insight into running a business and to gain a couple more qualifications under our belts. Our first task was to introduce ourselves and what it is we do. One lovely lady in my group, Louise McManus-Ling told us about her scone making business, with a little bit of a twist I thought, which left me feeling intrigued. And when I checked Louises Instagram and saw gorgeous images of her products, I’ve been wanting to try them ever since.

Louise is the owner of ‘Scone Drops’ and produces miniature sweet and savoury bite-sized scones, and earlier this week she kindly dropped some off for me to try.


The scones arrived in a brown confectionery box and were presented beautifully. As I opened the box and under white tissue paper I found two cellophane bags containing bite-sized scones and two larger separately wrapped scones. I was only expecting a couple of miniature treats to try so this was a lovely surprise, and you can see how much effort goes into even just the packaging

Now for the best bit – the tasting.

I tried the mini scones first, going straight for the chocolate chip and it was delicious. My two daughters then picked a scone each and both loved them. Of course I didn’t stop at one and ate the whole lot at once. Chocolate and Toffee Fudge, Sweet Cherry, Strawberry and White Chocolate, and Raspberry and Coconut. And didn’t feel even one bit guilty.

The next day with a cup of coffee, my mum and myself tried the other bag containing Simply Cheese, Cheese and Onion, Cheese and Tomato Pizza, Feta Cheese and Caramelised Onion and Sun-dried Tomatoes and Parmesan.

Then later that day (I kid you not), the larger Fruit and Cheese Scones.

Scone Drops Fruit Scones Cheese Scones Scones Newcastle Mini Scones Miniature Scones

As much as I am a savoury person, I’ve never been one for cheese scones. But these I would definitely eat again.

The combinations of ingredients worked beautifully.  The texture was just right and they were cooked to perfection. Not at all crumbly and tasted just divine. Whenever I go out for a coffee and have the occasional scone, I often never quite know which to go for. Which is why I like the Scone Drops concept as eating three or four miniature scones is probably the equivalent of one larger scone, so no extra guilt. 

Want to know more and try for yourself?

Scones drops would be perfect wedding favours or gift for any occasion or a tea party with a few friends would be a great idea.  They can be purchased online at the Scone Drops Website delivered to your door, and found at local events – the next one being November 10th and the Winter Market at the Park Hotel, Tynemouth. But please check out the website for further upcoming events, and the Scone Drops Facebook Page to keep up-to-date with new flavours and giveaways

Louise believes that that the food we eat should be a time to enjoy, to share and to remember. Louise is passionate about providing high quality, unique and irresistible treats for all, and I truly believe she does just that. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to try and write about your delectable Scones.

*This is a gifted post but all views and opinions are my own


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