Metro Radio – Walk of Fear

I don’t know if it’s just me and the fact I’ve made a point of living my best Halloween life and literally been indulging in all things spooky since October 1st, but I feel there has been such a buzz surrounding Halloween this year. We have been so spoilt for choice up here in the North East with a wide variety of Scare Events, and this year I’m feeling pretty lucky to have been along to four.

I started off with Scream Factory in Redcar, then Psycho Path at Lintz Farm, Dead of the Night at Alnwick Garden last night, and Saturday gone, Metro Radios ‘Walk of Fear’.

Along with my husband Andrew and daughters Jessica 9 and Emily, 7, this was the first Halloween Event we’d gone to as a family. Fancy dress was encouraged, so my daughters threw on their Halloween outfits, and I put on a little bit of darker than my norm make up, and we headed along to Saltwell Park.

We arrived around 6.30 and entered the eerily dark park and made our way to the queue. The atmosphere was fab as excited children stood queuing up with their parents, and we listened to music from the fairground.

After around 20 minutes we’d set off on our trail and our first encounter was with a witch who seemed to appear from absolutely nowhere. I looked to the right and there she was in my face as she walked on past. Continuing on our way, we then heard crys of ‘There’s no place like home. Help me’!!. as we noticed Dorothy in the doorway of an illuminated wooden house.

Dorothy Wizard of Oz Walk of Fear Saltwell Park Metro Radio Cash for Kids

Then we spotted a body lay on the ground, then another sat at the side of the path rocking. We continued or way around the park in total anticipation. Without any idea or warning of when our next scare was going to occur. We stumbling upon ghostly characters the entire walk. Some screaming, some shouting and some chanting such as the scary twins from the Shinning.

But it wasn’t just characters that filled the park, but also objects hanging from trees or Skeletons stuck in the ground.

The whole park had been brought to life with a magic Saltwell spell and it was fantastic

Walk of Fear Saltwell Park Metro Radio Cash for Kids

On a whole as an adult I found the woodland walk a lot of fun, and my daughters loved every second too. I would like to say well done to the performing art students at Gateshead College.  You certainly brought the fear factor to Gateshead and gave us a scare or two. Especially these two terrifying characters at the end.

What I particularly like about this event, is that it was in aid of Cash for Kids. As a mother of a child with a disability, I know how much events like this mean to families with children who need that little extra help in life.

Thank you so much to Metro Radio for giving me the opportunity to attend and blog about this event

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