Our Alnwick Gardens Halloween Experience

A couple of weeks ago, another Halloween scare Event caught my eye. This time at Alnwick Gadrens, and Alnwick Gardens being one of our favourite places to visit, we just had to go along. ‘Dead of Night’ was recommended for over 12s. My two girls Jessica and Emily are 7 and 9, but they loved the Walk of Fear at Saltwell Park last weekend, so we felt confident they’d be fine with this too.

We had originally booked for the Sunday night, only something came up which meant we were unable to attend. However, the following day I wondered if my tickets could be used on the Tuesday night instead. With one email and a prompt reply, my tickets were transferred without a problem. Excellent customer service. This would also be the perfect start to October half term, and end to what has been for me, a fully immerisve run up to Halloween. This was to be my fourth Halloween Scare experience in two weeks. I meant it when I said I was going to indulge in a full on Scarefest this October.

Tree Alnwick Gadrens Halloween Scare Garden

We arrived at Alnwick Gardens at around 6.15 and made our way over to the mist filled entrance, hearing ghostly sounds along the way. Then at 6.30 we set off on the Scare Garden Spooky Walk.  We first made our way over towards the flaming gates of the Poison Garden. A guard stood at the gates warned us we were in for a few shocks, before we stepped inside the worlds most dangerous garden.

We hurried through the tunnel in absolute darkness as a headless character appeared and began to scurry behind us. We quickly made our way around the Poison Garden, then headed over towards the water cascade, up the winding steps and through the illuminated arches. The arches looked just stunning as the lights changed colours and ghostly props hung blowing gently in the breeze.

Alnwick Garden Halloween Twilight Garden Walk Halloween

In the arches to the left, we stumbled upon gravestones and tombs and were met with a ghostly couple. The bride stood at her coffin and the groom crept his way up and down the arches scaring whoever came in his path with a ‘raaaaar’ and a deadly stare.

Our next stop was the Ornamental garden with the pond illuminated red like a pool of blood. We anticipated our way around the garden again in complete darkness, with a few shocks and shrieks upon our way. There was also the opportunity to stop for a witches brew at a little stall in the garden.

Red bloody pond Alnwick Garden The Spookt Garden, Twilight Garden, Scare Walk, Ornamental Garden, Red Pond

We then began to make our way towards the Rose Garden, and came across a cackling Witch, casting spells and posing riddles to those to who felt brave enough to step inside her Coven protected by a figure of the Devil himself hung above the entrance.

Then it was time to enter the Scare Zone in the Bamboo Labyrinth for our final spooky encounter of the evening.  We were handed a torch before entering and warned to turned back if we were particularly nervous. My daughter decided she wanted to lead the way with the torch.  She’s 9 and absolutely nothing scares her. Not even finding our way through a maze filled with witches, zombies and all sorts of ghastly horrors and unexpected frights. I had to actually ask her to slow down and wait for us at some points. This is not a reflection on the scare factor, but more her character. She has autism which I think that enables her to distinguish between what is real, and what’s not. She not only wished several of the performers a Happy Halloween, but also ask a couple for a High Five. Even this demon we discovered as she shone her torch in the heart of the maze had her more fascinated than frightened.

Demon Scare Zone Bamboo Labyrinth Alnwick Garden Spooky Garden Walk Twilight Gardens Halloween

We found our way out of the labyrinth then headed to the Pavilion where my girls excitedly talked to a lady who introduced herself as the Events Manager. She asked if we enjoyed to which we replied we did, very much. The gardens looked spectacular all lit up at night, and the effort put into visuals was amazing. The costumes, the make up, the dramatics. We had a fantastic evening and I actually couldn’t believe we’d paid only £6 each.

Thank you Alnwick Garden for an entertaining but super frightening Halloween evening. We’ll certainly be back for any similar events in the future.

To look out for further events at Alnwick Garden, check out their website or Facebook page

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