Day 5 – C9

Today has been slightly harder. Not because I’m missing particular foods, but just because I’m bored of the shakes. I don’t mind having one at breakfast time, but at lunch time I’d really like a… View Post

Day 4 – Clean 9

Keeping this one really short as I’m doing this on my phone as I’ve lost patience with my lap top today. Today has been pretty much the same as yesterday. Had a bowl of strawberries,… View Post

C9 – Day 3

So today’s the day, the day I can have food, well a proper meal. The plan has now changed slightly meaning I now have a shake to add to breakfast AND lunch and the much… View Post

Clean 9 – Day 2

So day 2 is done and I didn’t expect to say I’ve found it pretty easy. Todays plan was exactly the same as yesterdays. Only difference was I has the ‘snack’ (fiber mixed with water) at about… View Post